Matt Waxman publishes book with Nobuhisa Ishizuka and Masahiro Kurosaki: Strengthening the U.S.-Japan Alliance: Pathways for Bridging Law and Policy

"The U.S.-Japan alliance is a cornerstone of American foreign and defense policy in East Asia. 'It’s critical to the security of the region,' says Matthew Waxman, Liviu Librescu Professor of Law and faculty chair of the Law School’s National Security Law Program. 'To understand how the U.S.-Japan alliance operates in practice, it’s important for Japanese experts, policymakers, and academics to understand better how the U.S. legal system operates and, in turn, for their American counterparts to better understand how the Japanese [...]

Matt Waxman writes in Lawfare: “Avoiding Post-Election Chaos: Wilson vs. Hughes, 1916”

"The prospect of a contested presidential election, including premature claims of victory—or worse, one in which President Trump deliberately foils a clear outcome against him—rightly has people worried. It’s a reminder that some structural aspects of the U.S. presidential election system, like its decentralization and long transition period between election and inauguration, can be major liabilities. It’s also a reminder of how much the system depends on candidates’ commitment to certain principles and to the system itself..." Read the full article [...]

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Matt Waxman creates new website with Bobby Chesney, “National Security Law Lectures”

"In case what is missing from your life is a series of video lectures breaking down national security law topics, we are here to help! "During our summers under COVID lockdown, we finally had time—and extra reason—to act on a project we've talked about for years: developing and recording together a set of U.S. national security law video lectures. These videos are intended for use by students, teachers, practitioners, journalists, or anyone who just wants to know about this stuff..." Learn [...]

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Matt Waxman quoted in Inside Security article, “FCC Seeks Input on Regulatory Review Of ‘Section 230’ Liability Protection; Issues Touch on Countering Disinformation”

"Columbia’s Waxman told Inside Cybersecurity that 'foreign disinformation campaigns remain a huge threat and the United States is still working to develop the tools to combat them.' "Waxman said, 'One reason why it's hard to combat disinformation through regulation is because while we need to protect our democracy from foreign interference, in our democratic system we don't generally believe the government should be policing speech and expression...'" Read the full article here: Full Article

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Matt Waxman and national security leaders urge Congress to provide election officials with additional funds

"American elections, the bedrock of our democracy, face two extraordinary challenges this year: Covid-19 and combatting foreign interference. While these twin challenges are first and foremost a test of our democracy, they are also a threat to our national security. We urge you to provide election officials with the resources they need to protect our elections this year. "As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, state and local governments face significant and unexpected costs as they prepare to provide safe in-person [...]

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Matt Waxman interviewed on The Lawfare Podcast, “The Forgotten War Remembered”

"This year marks the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War. Though often called the 'Forgotten War,' the Korean War has highly conditioned much of our contemporary international politics in East Asia, and the people of Korea continue to live with its aftermath, both in the north and in the south. And the shadow of the Korean War looms large over something we often debate on Lawfare—war powers. To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the U.S. entry into the [...]

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Matt Waxman hosts The Lawfare Podcast, “Mira Rapp-Hooper on ‘Shields of the Republic'”

"Dr. Mira Rapp-Hooper is the Stephen A. Schwarzman senior fellow for Asia studies at the Council on Foreign Relations and author of the new book, 'Shields of the Republic: The Triumph and Peril of America's Alliances.' Matthew Waxman spoke with Mira about the history and strategic importance of American alliances, some of the constitutional issues alliances raise and what the United States should do to revitalize its alliances going forward..." Listen to the full episode here: Full Episode

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Matt Waxman writes with Samuel Weitzman in Lawfare: “Remembering the Montgomery Ward Seizure: FDR and War Production Powers”

"Every student of national security law knows about Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer (the Steel Seizure Case), in which the Supreme Court invalidated President Truman’s seizure of steel mills to forestall a nationwide strike during the Korean War. Less well appreciated is that industrial confiscation was a familiar practice for Americans in 1952. Although the Roosevelt administration disfavored that policy tool, the U.S. government seized companies during labor disputes more than four dozen times during World War II—usually firms [...]

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Matt Waxman co-hosts Lawfare’s The Cyber Law Podcast, “How Israel is Fighting the Coronavirus”

"We present a lightly edited interview about Israel’s technology- and surveillance-heavy approach to the COVID-19 pandemic. In it, Matthew Waxman, Liviu Librescu Professor of Law at Columbia University, and I talk to Yuval Shany, a noted Israeli human rights expert and professor at Hebrew University. We cover the particularly fraught political crisis that the virus exacerbated, the Israeli government’s use of counterterrorism tools to trace contacts of infected individuals, and the significance of locational privacy in the face of a deadly [...]

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Matt Waxman quoted in the Atlantic article, “It Wasn’t the Law That Stopped Other Presidents From Killing Soleimani”

"The [assassination] ban arose in response to covert CIA plots to, for example, kill Fidel Castro with an exploding cigar during peacetime—essentially, attempting to kill because of political differences, not in wartime self-defense, said Matthew Waxman, who directs the National Security Law Program at Columbia University and served in the Bush administration. The Obama administration used the term targeted killing for strikes on terrorist leaders in overseas battlefields—arguing that they fell under a right to self-defense in an ongoing war against [...]

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