Danny Russel quoted in Vox article, “How China Could Force Biden’s Hand on Defending Taiwan”

"The Taiwan Relations Act (or TRA, as the law is more commonly known) remains the basis of the US-Taiwan relationship to this day… "'It’s a fairly convoluted political Band-Aid over an irreconcilable problem,' said Daniel Russel, the top State Department official for East Asian affairs from 2013 to 2017. 'We don’t have a new policy because there are no other options…'" Read the full article here: Full Article

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Danny Russel quoted in The New York Times article, “Xi’s Gambit: China Plans for a World Without American Technology”

"China is freeing up tens of billions of dollars for its tech industry to borrow. It is cataloging the sectors where the United States or others could cut off access to crucial technologies. And when its leaders released their most important economic plans last week, they laid out their ambitions to become an innovation superpower beholden to none… "'China wants to reduce its dependency on the world — not to reduce its trade and interaction but to ensure that it is [...]

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Danny Russel quoted in The Wall Street Journal article, “China’s Message to America: We’re an Equal Now”

"China retaliated against the EU sanctions by blacklisting European lawmakers and think tanks, although that might make the EU parliament’s ratification of a pending investment treaty with China more difficult. "'It’s a high-stakes gamble for the Chinese,' says Daniel Russel, a former Obama China official, now a vice president at the Asia Society Policy Institute, a think tank. 'But it’s not a gamble they are certain to lose…'" Read the full article here: Full Article

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Danny Russel quoted in The Washington Post article, “Kerry Expected to Travel to China in First Visit by Top Biden Official”

"Following the contentious meeting between U.S. and Chinese officials in Anchorage in March, China's official Xinhua News Agency reported that the two sides had decided to set up a working group on climate change among other modest but specific joint initiatives. But U.S. officials told The Washington Post that no such agreements were made — a point analysts said reflected the Biden administration’s aversion to get trapped into Beijing’s style of formalized meetings that may or may not produce results. "'These [...]

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Danny Russel quoted in The Economist article, “China Thinks It Can Avoid Middle Eastern Traps That Caught America”

"Some Chinese experts talk of America leaving a vacuum in the Middle East. Danny Russel, America’s assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs in 2013-17, agrees that China senses a demand for a Chinese presence in the Middle East, amid talk of American unreliability. Chinese companies have been told to go out and sell advanced technologies that will carry their country’s values and technical standards around the world, notably via the Belt and Road Initiative. But ambitious deals [...]

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Danny Russel interviewed in The Diplomat, “Danny Russel on US Asia Policy Under Biden”

"The Biden administration has placed the Indo-Pacific front and center during the past two months. From the virtual Quad summit – bringing together the leaders of Australia, Japan, India, and the U.S. for the first time – earlier this month to the overseas trips by Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the United States made its focus on the region clear through allocation of that most previous resource: time. "The Diplomat asked Danny Russel, vice president of [...]

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Danny Russel interviewed in NPR The World: Latest Edition: “Public Health Experts Push to End an Unfair Border Policy”

"H&M faces calls for a boycott in China after the company spoke out about Uyghur human rights abuses and concerns over forced labor in the production of cotton in Xinjiang province." This NPR The World: Latest Edition episode features Danny Russel, whose interview begins at the 28:30 mark. Listen to the full interview here: Full Interview

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Danny Russel quoted in Nikkei article, “China Marks 120-Year Comeback With Fireworks in Alaska”

"The Asia Society's Daniel Russel praised the Biden administration's strategy for meeting allies first and creating a position of strength before sitting down with the Chinese. 'The U.S. is not willing to stay quiet about behavior by China that threatens regional stability, or that violates global norms, in exchange for Chinese cooperation on climate change or on COVID-19,' Russel said…'" Read the full article here: Full Article

2021-03-21T02:00:39-04:00March 21, 2021|Geopolitical Perspectives|

Danny Russel quoted in The Washington Post article, “Biden Administration Begins First Faceoff With China Amid Worsening Relations”

"'Among the factors that drive the administration’s messaging is not wanting to expose a flank and invite criticism of being appeasing to Beijing,' said Danny Russel, a vice president at the Asia Society Policy Institute and a former career diplomat. 'They are disabusing people of the expectation that this is going to produce some solutions or even negotiations. But it’s an opportunity to lay our priorities and level-set…'" Read the full article here: Full Article

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