Michèle Flournoy interviewed in The Director’s Chair podcast, “Michèle Flournoy on Her Life and Career, China’s Rise and America’s Resilience”

April 22, 2021|Categories: Geopolitical Perspectives|Tags: |

"In this episode of The Director’s Chair, Michael Fullilove speaks with the distinguished policymaker and policy entrepreneur Michèle Flournoy. Michèle is a former senior Pentagon official, managing partner of WestExec Advisors, and chair of the [...]

Bridge Colby and Andrea Kendall-Taylor quoted in Foreign Policy article, “China and Russia Turn Deeper Ties Into a Military Challenge for Biden”

April 20, 2021|Categories: Cybersecurity & Defense|Tags: , |

"'You face a two-front war where we don’t have a two-front military,' said Elbridge Colby, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense during the Trump administration. 'If NATO is expecting U.S. forces to bail it [...]

Andrea Kendall-Taylor quoted in The Financial Times article, “Biden Shows He Will Wield US Financial System as Foreign Policy Weapon”

April 17, 2021|Categories: Economy & Trade|Tags: |

"At stake, said Andrea Kendall-Taylor, who was appointed Biden’s NSC Russia director before declining for personal reasons, is the dominance of the US dollar and America’s unassailed lead in the global financial system, which relies [...]

Meghan O’Sullivan writes with Richard Haass in The Washington Post: “It’s Wrong to Pull Troops Out of Afghanistan. But We Can Minimize the Damage.”

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"President Biden announced Wednesday his intention to complete the withdrawal of all American military forces from Afghanistan by September, 20 years after the terrorist attacks that led to American armed forces first going there. He [...]